NIC Conf 2018 hosts many speakers from TrueSec

TrueSec experts representing at NIC Conference 2018

At NIC Conference 2018 in Oslo, Norway, TrueSec Datacenter & Cloud team is presenting four sessions. Mikael Nyström will speak about modern management and how it will impact your organization, while Peter Löfgren and Nickolaj Andersen will talk about automation…

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Datacenter & Cloud roadshow - a TrueSec event

Datacenter & Cloud roadshow

It’s crucial to understand what the future has in hold for you as an IT technician or administrator. During a full day event Markus Lassfolk and Mikael Nyström, MVPs and consultants at TrueSec, share their experience in building data centers.

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TrueSec presenting at TechDays 2017

TrueSec at TechDays 2017

To develop new innovative products and services based on new technology and AI, is the focus at this year’s TechDays 2017. The topic certainly raises questions, but also many new ideas. This time TrueSec proudly presents five experts on stage…

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